Derby Doll of the Month / Brazen Bull

Have you ever had to research someone’s skate name and just be utterly shocked, and a bit disturbed, by what you find? Well, let me tell you what a “Brazen Bull” is. It’s a torture device: a mechanical horror created by the Greeks and used up through the Roman Empire. The Brazen Bull was a bull sculpted entirely of bronze and hollowed out. It was the actual size of a bull with a door on the side where the condemned were locked inside and “roasted” over a fire. When the tortured would scream, it appeared the bull was infuriated and bellowing… while the burning smoke would shoot out the bull’s nose.

However, OUR league has these words to say about Brazen Bull:

“The training for 2015 speaks for itself.”
“She puts in countless hours and takes it to a new level.”
“Super organized and very motivational.”
“She is KILLING it with the training team!”
“She’s bringing programs back, organizing existing ones and making new ones.”
“Her pizza parties, posters, calendars and encouraging emails are amazing!!!”
“She is easy to talk to, provides great support, feedback and bakes cupcakes.”
“Also, she’s like the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Brazen is an All-Star Wildfire on the track, a powerhouse in the league and now you too can be freaked out by her skate name. Let’s give a round of applause to March 2015, San Diego Derby Dolls’ Derby Doll of the Month: Brazen Bull!

Contributing Photographer: Grant Palmer Photography

Killer Groove

Author at San Diego Derby Dolls

Killer Groove has been with the San Diego Derby Dolls since 2010.