Derby Doll of the Month / Dave Brawlings

Ref’s and NSO’s truly are the unsung heroes of derby. Finding volunteers to spend precious hours of their lives to learn the rules of derby inside and out isn’t the easiest task. Especially when they often become the target of skaters’ adrenaline soaked rage. The very best have reputations that precede them. Highly respected, yet humble and down-to-earth.

This month’s Derby Doll of the Month took on a job he SWORE he would NEVER do, because it needed to be done. Selfless, fair, skillful, encouraging, patient teacher, and someone who never lets ego or league alliance get in the way of the job at hand.

Join us in 4 fast whistle blasts for our April Derby Doll of the Month, the amazing, Dave Brawlings!

We Asked Dave 6 Questions

1.How long have you been with the San Diego Derby Dolls?
Since Jan, 2010, so just over 4 years.

2.How did you get involved and what makes you stick around?
My wife Cathy started climbing mountains and generally stepping up the fitness regime, and I had to do something or be left behind. Treadmills are not for me, so I made a list of my character defects, hoping that it would lead me to my calling. After ticking off a.) obsession with fairness, rules, and procedures b.) thick skin c.) a need to be mentally challenged as well as physically, officiating seemed like a pretty obvious choice.

I was at an event where Blaine Capatch was the MC, and he always pimps out his other gigs when there are lulls in the action. He announces for the LA Derby Dolls, so I ended up there, and when they announced that they were looking for officials, I put 2 and 2 together.

3.What is your real life job, when you aren’t being an amazing referee?
I’m a computer programmer. Shocking, no?

4.What’s the hardest or most challenging thing about being a ref?
Too many rules that are similar, but not the same.

5.What is the best thing about being a ref?
Exercise without it seeming like it’s exercise.

6.Toilet paper end……over or under?
Over. Every time.

Contributing Photographer: Grant Palmer Photography

Melissa Mayhem

Author at San Diego Derby Dolls

I have been skating with the derby dolls since 2011 and began coaching in 2013.