January 2014 she was a level 3 boot camper.

I remember this because I just started to DPV and she was always here and I was just in jaw dropping awe of her form.

She just looked so “classic” on her skates; I want to say “professional dancer on skates?”

And she was so nice, and so softly spoken.

Fast Forward to spring 2015, All-Star season.

Although she was originally rostered with the Sparks, she came up and joined the Wildfires as an alternative and she ultimately joined them and traveled to Battle on the Bank.

As a member of the “Derby Over 40” club, she is very proud Grandma, she is absolutely one of the toughest boot camp coaches there is.

The boot campers really appreciate how much dedication she puts in, we will always remember her analogies.  When she is coaching, she gives her undivided attention and pushes everyone one of us to get better.

We marvel at just much time she spends at the dollhouse and I quote “she is the epitome” of a team player.

And you cannot deny her intensity, her speed, and her commitment. She is an inspiration to us all!

Our July 2015, Derby Doll of the Month is Hit & Run.

amber aGGona

Author at San Diego Derby Dolls