Derby Doll of the Month / Karen Bout Nuffin

The June 2015 DDotM claims to care about nuffin.

But we all know how much she cares.

She cares about reffin’.

As a ref, we know her to be fair, calm, prepared, accessible, present & knowledgeable. She is our go-to gal for RDCL rules.

She cares about coaching!

There was an overwhelming cheer from the Wildfires for her for traveling with them to Battle on the Bank and up to ACDG, AZDD & AZRD. (Where she did ref in her boot for a scrimmage)

And from her team, the Sparks, who give her props for her constant positive influence, great sense of humor and for being a wonderful friend.

She cares about Art!

As the head of the art department she has made some amazing flyers and the Baby Doll logo!

And who doesn’t enjoy the “Bad Call / Good Call Ref” signs?

She cares about muffins!

Have you seen this lady bake? Amazing baker!

Despite her recent injury keeping her off her skates, she stays dedicated to all her many her roles.

And despite her name, our June 2015 Derby Doll of the month definitely cares about this about this League!


Contributing Photographer: Tristan King

amber aGGona

Author at San Diego Derby Dolls