Derby Doll of the Month / Loni Lethal

Our January Derby Doll of the Month jumps into life with both skates rolling. She is involved in so many things for our league, we’ve lost count. She races around the track with her fabulous hair flying. She makes our newest recruits feel welcome and excited to join our special brand of craziness. She smiles with her WHOLE face and what a smile it is! She is a wonderful ambassador for the Derby Dolls she serves us well. She also serves our country well as a proud member of our United States Navy. The league voted her “Most Inspirational” for 2013 and no truer words were ever spoken. Let’s give it up for Loni Lethal!

We Asked Loni 6 Questions

1. How long have you been skating with the league?
I began bootcamp in summer 2010. I skated with the league a few months before deploying to Iraq at the end of September. I finally moved back to San Diego April 2013- and showed up at the Dollhouse as soon as I got to town. The rest is history.

2. When did you see your first bout?
April 2010- I asked the merch ladies how I could play derby after 5 minutes of seeing the Derby Dolls in action- bought all my gear within a week- and started skating as soon as I could!

3. Who is your derby inspiration?
Bonnie D. Stroir

4. What was the hardest skill for you to learn?
Speed Control- still working on that one.

5. What is the significance of your name/number?
Loni is my real name – and I was very adamant on using my first name vice my last in some aspect of my life- since my last has been my primary name since joining the military in 2003… Lethal is just for fun. 903 is the area code for where I’m from in East Texas

6. If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why?
Plumeria because it smells delightful and the flowers from the tree are simple- yet beautiful. Plus I feel like I was always meant to end up somewhere beachy- and they are the epitome of a beachy tree/flower- hello, leis!! AND they look amazing in my glorious hair 🙂

Contributing Photographer: joesouthPHOTO

Melissa Mayhem

Author at San Diego Derby Dolls

I have been skating with the derby dolls since 2011 and began coaching in 2013.