League Skater, Wildfire's All-Star, Team Japan All-Star, Bad-Ass Triple Threat

There are few skaters with us today who can say they have been with us for 8 years, but our Derby Doll of the Month can. There are few skaters with us today who rocked the original Diego Roller uniform at Del Mar before we had banked track bouts, but our Derby Doll of the Month can. She is our resident Triple Threat and if you’re lucky enough to have her on your team, you will know she is one of the best teammates of all time.

She is hilarious, friendly, helpful, and always participating in beach skates and league events. She’s always the first to rush to an injured skater to give aid and keep the situation calm. Over the years she has been developing her super awesome skating skills and those super awesome skating skills landed her a spot on Team Japan in the Roller Derby World Cup in 2014.

We Asked Slamurai 5 Questions

1. Why did you join derby?

I was looking for a way to get in shape and have fun doing it and roller derby seemed like the perfect way to do that.

2. What is your proudest accomplishment?

I would have to say that my proudest accomplishment was being able to graduate nursing school while still being fully committed to San Diego Derby Dolls.

3. Best advice you can give to a new skater?

Step outside of your comfort zone.  It’s easy to do the things we have already learned and mastered, but to be a well-rounded skater it’s important to work on the things we are not comfortable with yet.

4. What is your real life job?

I am working at a restaurant while looking for a job as a registered nurse.

5. Who is your biggest fan?

I would have to say that my biggest fans and supporters are my boyfriend, my sister, and my brother.

We are proud to honor this month’s Derby Doll of the Month, Slamurai!

Melissa Mayhem

Author at San Diego Derby Dolls

I have been skating with the derby dolls since 2011 and began coaching in 2013.