Skater / 13 Bad AddiTude


Home Town

San Diego, CA

Athletic Background

Performing Arts

Favorite Quote

“After the rain comes the rainbow” -Matt aka undercover Kylo Ren


My mom and dad

Best Skill

Kindness, Patience, Eager to learn, Skating in the house, Dancing on skates

Biggest Challenge

Turn around toe stops are my nemesis


My mom played Renegade derby, and skating looked like fun. I auditioned for a big musical production in San Diego and I did not get cast. Unbelievable huh? I took this as my chance to try something new and my heart rolled me to the Derby Dolls. I finally found my sport! Roller derby is the best thing EVER, and I feel like I can not live without it.

Contributing Photographer: Tristan King, Clarence Alford