Skater / 71 Edgar Allen No


Home Town

San Diego

Athletic background

Irish stepdancing, yoga, and gymnastics

Favorite quote

“the thought of you has my legs spread apart like an easel with a canvas begging for art.


Zombie Dearest, Hit n Run, Nova, Painful Pinup, and Infra Red.

Best Skill


Biggest Challenge



After skating the bay and doing a few skate world days, followed by a suggestion to do roller derby by my friend, I thought “why not” and strapped on a pair of skates and went for it! I began doing derby late 2013 and was hooked right away. i loved every part of it. I loved the sense of community i got while i was at the dollhouse skating. Skating has introduced me to so many amazing people and things that i would’ve never known had i not joined SDDD. I’ve made a second family of people who i’d trust with my life and will always have my back on the track.