Skater / A55 Give ’em Helga


Home Town

Oceanside, California

Athletic Background

Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Competitive Swimming, Cycling, Western-Style Riding

Favorite Quote

“And so the Pope said to Luther, ‘BEGONE THOT’ but the thot would not.” -My History Teacher



Best Skill


Biggest Challenge

Dismissing irrelevant thoughts and emotions


 A writer at age fourteen, Helga spends a lot of time at the computer both doing homework and working on short stories. She loves air conditioning, dogs, and cacti. She loves to draw and paint, and can’t help but micromanage the heck out of everything that goes on around her. She, being a pessimist, believe that when you expect everything to go wrong, you either get to be right, or you are pleasantly surprised.