Skater / A55 Give ’em Helga


Home Town

Oceanside, California

Athletic Background

Swim Team, Boxing, Western-Style Riding

Favorite Quote

“Fishing relaxes me. It’s like yoga, except I get to kill something” -Ron Swanson


Stephen King and Bill Nye

Best Skill

Falling 😛

Biggest Challenge

Getting people to date me


Salutations! I am the infamous “Helga”, and I like food. I love to write poetry and short stories, and I’m quite the bibliophile. I love drawing, and dogs and breaking stuff. I am a crafty person who likes to fix her problems with hot glue and, if such an occasion arises, an industrial sewing machine. I like to win arguments, and I usually do because I took speech and debate one year, hated it, and never took it again, but I will not hesitate to break a man with words, but then fix him up because I want to be a trauma surgeon. I have several plants at the moment, all cacti, and all dying because I can’t take care of even a freaking cactus. You don’t even have to water them and mine are dying. Please send help.