Skater / 25 Hammering Harley

  • 25

    Hammering Harley

    akaHarley, Yatzmanian Devil, Yatzi, 

    Head of Art Department

    “Having the Most Fun Doing All the Work” (ref award)

Home Town

Guadalajara, Jalisco

Athletic Background

Volleyball (10 years)

Favorite Quote

“Sh*t happens. Build a bridge, get over it”


The Juniors. Seriously, have you seen those girls play? Dang.

Best Skill

*yet to be determined*

Biggest Challenge

Everything, considering I’m still a baby.


I first heard about roller derby nearly two summers ago at a family friend’s pool party. There was this chick with a tattoo of “311” in a heart on her arm. It was in the same font as the band, so I stupidly asked “oh is that your favorite band?” She replied, “well yes, but it’s also my birthday and my skate number, for roller derby”. To which I said “What’s roller derby?” and it all went down hill from there. I fell in love with this idea and I just knew I had to do it. She lived somewhere outside of CA, so I didn’t even think to research it in San Diego.

Nevertheless, the idea stuck in my mind. That fall semester, I was talking about this idea with a friend from class when she told me her coworker did that; she was super into it, she’s so good that she had just gotten back from playing for Team Japan, which of course caught my attention. I was lucky enough to meet her when my friend and I went to lunch, where she gave me a recruitment flyer and I went home and signed up right away. Little did I know I had just met one of the most amazing players to skate the track.

The first bout I attended was Jantastic, as it was the weekend before my orientation. I was extremely confused, had no idea what was going on, and I loved it. The year following was just filled with lot of sweat and tears that I obviously used as motivation to graduate bootcamp. Earlier this year, I was barely attending league practices due to a terrible school schedule, but somehow managed to make the 2016 Sparks in their midseason tryouts and it’s been amazing ever since. I’m grateful every day to be on such an amazing team with the most inspiring groups of ladies- from our couch to our captains to my fellow skaters. I learn something new every day and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me in this derby world.

Contributing Photographer: Tristan King