Skater / 213 Ric-A-Shea


Best Skill

Taking and recovering from a hit.

Favorite Quote

“I’m criticized. But all your bullets ricochet. Shoot me down, but I get up.” – David Guetta


Friends, family, and my teammates always pushing me to do my best and to step outside of my comfort zone.

Biggest Challenge

Psyching myself out.


I have been skating with the Juvenile Dollinquents since January 2014, when I was forced to go to orientation with my mom. Thinking this would be like any other sport that I tried and failed miserably at; roller derby was different. At the end of the orientation I was strapping on skates and trying my best to not fall! I soon fell in love with the sport. I have met some many new people and they have inspired me to be who I am today!